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The Centurions Project Phase One began in the spring of 2018 with a two week Residency at The Fishbowl  as part of the Boca Del Lupo Residency Program.

Phase Two of The Centurions Project now underway! We recently completed an exciting two-week design residency at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.  We are creating a beautiful and meaningful production. Beginning August 6 we are in residency at Evergreen Cultural Centre Studio Theatre to rehearse, tech and then present Centurions on August 21stand 22nd.  We hope to see you at the show!’

If  you would like to read about how things developed since 2018 keep reading.We brought together a talented team of  young artists and a group of dedicated professional Vancouver-based artist/mentors–actor Dawn Milman, production designer Jordan Lloyd Watkins, and stage manager Jethelo E. Cabilete–with Lynna Goldhar Smith in the director’s chair to explore Sally Stubbs’  The Centurions.


During the residency we were able to delve into the script in a rehearsal setting,

They ignore Fay.jjpg

and use the resources provided to explore the technical and design elements that are integral to the play.

More Fay and Caro
Over an intensive week-long workshop in March we focused on a few selected scenes and collaborated on an exploratory process involving script, acting, building a sound design, creating projections, and shooting video sequences for integration with staged scene elements.

Wright making Mark look

In the second and final week of our Residency we were proud to present the results of our experiments to two invited audiences of professional theatre makers and community members who expressed enthusiasm and support for the importance of the  project.

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Thanks again to the Boca Del Lupo team for this amazing opportunity to advance The Centurions Project. We are grateful for the generous support and resources provided.    

We then set about working on Phase 2 of The Centurions Project. As a result of our Residency presentation, David Mann, of Coquitlam’s Evergreen Theatre and Cultural Centre came on board as an enthusiastic sponsor and co-producer.

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Our heartfelt thanks to David and The Evergreen Theatre and Cultural Centre.


20183 rehearsal warm ups

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We just completed a two week Design residency at the Shadbolt theatre and it was fantastic We have created a really  beautiful and meaningful show and I truly hope that you will come see our performances at the Evergreen Theatre in August.

2019 CenturionsTechRehearsal_0252a copy.jpg

2019 CenturionsTechRehearsal_0238a copy.jpg

For information about supporting The Centurions Project click HERE.


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