The Centurions Project

The Project

 In the fall of 2017, Playwright Sally Stubbs and Director Lynna Goldhar Smith  decided to embark on an exciting new venture: to work with a group of talented teen actors and explore the possibilities central to Sally’s play Centurions in the context of a community-engaged, youth centred project.

The script Centurions is a compelling and un-sanitized exploration of friendship, love, sexual violence, silence and our escalating entanglement with technology.

The idea behind The Centurions Project is to work with a team close to the age of the characters in the script who, as such, are most likely to be impacted by the issues at the heart of this play.

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The dream is to involve theatre artists in the project to lead and mentor the emerging actors, stage managers, directors, designers and playwrights working on the project.

Sally, Lynna and the Centurions Project team have come along way toward bringing this dream to life.

We would love to share some of what we have accomplished so far.

Read about our creative and productive Residency at the Fishbowl here. 

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