The Centurions Project Lives On!

Huge thanks to Canada Council for the Arts for awarding Covid-19 Emergency Funds to The Centurions Project. We are now working on the development of a documentary inspired by the script Centurions and our creative journey together: Speak Up Centurions (working title).

Speak Up Centurions is a celebration and call to attention of the project thus far, exploring Centurions from the moment of conception to our presentation at the Evergreen Cultural Centre and possibilities for life beyond Covid-19. While reflecting on the challenges of combatting silence in an ever-evolving social and technological landscape, Speak Up Centurions gives voice to the artists involved and keeps the story alive.

“A playwright, sexually assaulted as a child, for decades allows shame to silence her, then speaks up against a similar injustice, finds her voice and writes a script—inspired by themes of silence and ‘why?’—then partners with a director to assemble a diverse group of artists to present the play in a joyful process committed to: creating community; speaking up and taking ownership of self; learning from one another; and engaging with a larger community.”


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