An Invitation

Centurions is a compelling and un-sanitized exploration of friendship, love, sexual violence, silence– and our escalating entanglement with technology. Playwright Sally Stubbs has been working with Director Lynna Goldhar Smith  for two years to bring this play to life and to expand its potential as a community engaged youth-centred project with a team of talented professional artist-mentors and a cast of amazing young performers. We are gearing up now for some exciting developments as we continue into Phase Two of The Centurions Project.

Here is a trailer made by our young cast inviting you to support us and help us move forward on this project and to bring this worthy and beautiful play to our communities.



So Join us June 18th for the Centurions Launch Party at the Nest on Granville Island to support us in our  goal of raising $10,000.00.

There will be refreshments, live music, a reading of an excerpt of Centurions, a silent auction, and we will also be launching online crowdfunding to help us reach our goal.


 In July we will commence rehearsals of the play and  build our design, as well as develop community engaged programming (i.e. forum theatre)

We will also be inviting a youth audience for an in-process performance during our time at the Shadbolt.


In August rehearsals will continue, design elements will be finalized, programming  will be finessed and the production will come to life on stage.  

Our performance dates are Aug 21 and 22 and we will be offering the forum theatre component as part of our Evergreen residency


After the Evergreen Residency we will assess and solidify dates for 2020/21 presentations in North Vancouver, Vancouver, and Burnaby

If you would like to read about our team of professional theatre artist/mentors and our talented young cast click here 

If you want to read about Phase One of the project click here

The company


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