Shadbolt: July 2019

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So many exciting developments to share about The Centurions Project!

The Centurions Project was awarded an Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts and completed their residency at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in July 2019. 

.ogimage-en.pngAnd– just completed–

An amazing two week Design Residency at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

2019 CenturionsTechRehearsal_0317a.jpg

Here is what the team had to say about this experience.

Congrats again on such a great residency. It was really interesting to me in the way that we worked. Totally unique, and so successful in many ways. Definitely one of the most collaborative processes I’ve been involved with.
Jordan L. Watkins, Projections Designer / Mentor

I would say that the residency at the Shadbolt was a unique and beautiful experience because it allowed me to engage with show designers and the technical team in different ways than I am used to. I have a greater knowledge and respect for the work that technical teams put in to productions, with such a short amount of time. The Shadbolt was an accessible and welcoming venue, the staff were kind and the venue was beautiful. 
Sarah Roa, Actor / Costume Design / Mentor

Working so closely  and collaboratively with the designers and stage manager, with the  time to create every cue so precisely, and the joy of  facilitating a process that deepened the young actors awareness of what design and stagecraft can bring to their performances– was like a prize that I was waiting to win. Thank you Cory Philley and Shadbolt for providing this opportunity.  Lynna Goldhar Smith, Director/ Mentor


For myself, I had a wonderful time at the Shadbolt Arts Centre. Phil, Masha and Robert have been nothing but professional and accommodating to us. The rest of the reception and box office staff at the Shadbolt were considerate and great to get along with throughout our Residency.  Jethelo E. Cabilete, SM / Mentor

This residency was crucial to understanding the play at its technical level. As a performer, I’m grateful we had these two weeks to work out the logistics of everything. . .  It was also very interesting to be included in the technical team’s processes, and get mentored in sound design. It has humbled me as a performer, and made me more versatile in this industry. Thank you!  Jade Lim, Actor

Thank you so much for this amazing experience! I am so incredibly excited for the Evergreen, and the residency has taught me so much. I know I definitely love theatre and acting and want to do it for a long time. So fulfilling. Chantal Gering, Actor

Our residency at the Shadbolt was a designer’s dream experience. Getting the time and space to experiment alongside the entire creative team proved to be an amazing and productive collaborative experience that gratified both the artistic process and end result.
Evan Rein, Sound Design / Mentor / Production Assistant


2019 CenturionsTechRehearsal_0253a copy 2.jpeg

2019 CenturionsTechRehearsal_0241a.jpg

2019 CenturionsTechRehearsal_0238a copy

converted. Centurions Project Postcard 4 X 6 EVG REV, final July 19, 2019-page-001.jpg


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